Retail chains

Colours Factory’s market showcase provides its services for retail chains. We specialize in providing comprehensive services in the field of printing and advertising for the largest trading networks in Poland. We provide products that help our customers achieve success and satisfaction enhanced by the solid work we do.

The offer of our services designated for trading networks is very much diverse. We operate in three key areas and we adjust with great flexibility the scope of activities to the expectations of our customers.

The first area comprises comprehensive and significant change of visual look of trade and service facilities starting from production, through delivery and assembly of new advertising materials (pre-printed PVC boards, plexi, Dibond, frontlights, backlights, posters, banners, tags, printouts for corridors, veneers, 3D lettering). Furthermore, we cooperate with trading networks throughout the creation of new facilities, providing them with a comprehensive advertising service. Thanks to multiple technical solutions of printing we are able to quickly change the entire look of any store in Poland and abroad and our actions are supported by our own team of over a hundred qualified and skilled installers of indoor and outdoor advertising media.

The second area includes regular advertising campaigns for our network clients. We are able to adjust ourselves to their advertising cycles and swiftly produce the necessary materials. We then confront them against one another in order for an all-Poland campaign to be running smoothly and in the shortest possible time. Our customers value us for our on-time realizations, high quality and flexibility of functioning.

The third area is production and assembly of billboards country-wide. We have our own team thanks to which we are able to service 4,800 billboards. We are in possession of innovative own IT tools which report time and place of pasting-up of a billboard in real time. We are a reliable and solid business partner and we believe in tried and proven solutions.


Companies and institutions

Printing services for large companies and institutions are very important for us. We understand the needs of our customers who expect our products to fulfill a specific function: promotional, educational, informative or inspiring.

We appreciate that each of our customers wants to show their brand in a unique, personal way and that is why we offer such a wide range of printing services accompanied by dedicated solutions.

Apart from the offset, solvent and UV printing we also offer digital printing of offset quality. Thanks to this solution new formats of leaflets, posters, covers and packages are available at low costs. We print highly personalized materials which are ‘tailor-made’ and equipped not only in the company name, first name and surname but also any sort of wording possible. We provide solutions which enable our customers to realize all of their ideas.


Advertising agencies

We value the creativity of advertising agencies and we are indeed their proven and reliable partner. We work reliably, and we have creative ideas and ways to bring them to life. We consider ourselves experts in printing.

Impossible is nothing. Our creative invention is visible in the offered solutions which stand behind even the most demanding agency orders. We think outside the box offering non-standard printouts and our true strong side is our extensive printing capacity.

We share responsibility of our customers’ successes not only on paper. We understand that good brand is good dialogue with consumers and our products assist in establishing the initial contact and making an excellent first impression. We transfer the brand image onto any form of carrier without fear for the quality and consistency of all materials. We print all our materials ‘under one roof’ which is only possible thanks to our technologically diverse machinery. We use advanced control processes in order to process agencies’ orders as precisely as possible. Our Customers entrust us with their most important print jobs without any worries.


Publishing houses

We print business-, hobby-, and company-related publications. We cooperate with many publishers on a permanent basis while our customers value us for our professional service, high quality printing and support at every stage of order-processing.

Our modern and comprehensively equipped bindery allows us to quickly manufacture a durable, glued or stitched binding, foldable products (flyers, brochures, maps) and refinement for prints. We handle inserting, packaging and bulk-shipping. Reliability, flexibility and availability are all priorities for us in dealing with publishing houses and our knowledge, experience and modern technology guarantee security in our cooperation and the high quality of our products.