At Colours Factory, we print thanks to the good energy that accompanies us in all our activities. We inspire our customers to develop. We think innovatively about printing. Our advantages are our modern printing machines and the people who provide a friendly and professional service.


Printing machines

We invest in modern printing machines with high production potential in offset and large-format printing. We offer our clients access to innovative printing technology.

  • we continually expand and modernize our printing machinery
  • we have the most modern printing machines in Poland in the advertising and outdoor segment
  • we are the only company in the country that offers digital offset printing in B1 paper format
  • we provide comprehensive solutions through different printing technologies available in one place
We print more than 1 500 000 sheets per day





All that we do is accompanied with good energy, a willingness to act and enthusiasm for work. We are proud when we hear from our Customers: we value Colours Factory not for their words but for their actions.
  • we quickly respond to customers’ needs
  • we work vigorously, we keep our word and meet deadlines
  • work is our passion and our enthusiasm encourages others to act efficiently
  • we are courageous and not afraid of new challenges
We work so that our customers are proud of each product

Areas of operation

We are a modern printing house that ranks alongside the leading Polish companies in the printing sector. Our production range encompasses printing of technologically diverse materials: offset, digital with offset quality and large-format which ensures consistency and accuracy.

We operate on a global scale and we successfully carry out indoor and outdoor campaigns. We provide efficient and complete printing solutions based on innovative IT tools. We skillfully combine technology and imagination to make our products and services not only meet our customers’ expectations, but go beyond them.

Thanks to our comprehensive services we help our customers be well-presented in different advertising media. We are distinguished by business creativity, modern technology and the belief that only consistency in actions stands behind any success letting the beneficiaries of these actions achieve their goals.

Our strategy is to effectively take appropriate actions


staff members in production and office positions

qualified advertising installers all over Poland


modern industrial facilities

8 000 m2
total area

years’ experience
in the printing sector

For six years running we have been the most dynamically growing company in the Polish printing sector.

Printing machines

We print using modern offset and large-format machines. We have a fully equipped bindery and complete technical infrastructure at our disposal.

Ergonomics of production processes and control of the production processes at each stage of realization help reduce the time needed to process orders while maintaining the highest work quality. In addition, quick access to materials enables us to start the production process in no time. We are ready to print even the most demanding orders for our customers.




of the most modern Heidelberg Speedmaster printing machines with a maximum print speed of 18,000 sheets/hour

162 x 119 cm /XL 162-5+LX

162 x 119 cm /XL 162-4+LX

105 x 74 cm / XL 106-10-P

102 x 71 cm / CX 102-5 +L

102 x 71 cm / CX 102-4+LX




high-performance plotters of
exceptional print quality without the so called fading screens



Adhesive films

Casting films

One Way Vision







modern plotters
Agfa Jeti Titan, impressive
and colour reproduction

hard PVC

foamed PVC

Plexiglas boards

Dibond panels

composite boards

D hips

wood boards

Stadur boards



10 000

The only digital offset printing machine
in Poland, in B2
HP Indigo 10 000

personalized materials

low costs

quality guaranteed by a global brand of HP



162 x 119 cm in offset printing
73 x 110 cm in digital printing with offset printing quality
302 x 200 cm in UV printing
up to 316 cm in width of solvent printing

Our team

We are focused on finding the right solutions. For us, one of the greatest values is our relationships based on trust, while we build long-term cooperation through fair action rules.

We value openness and professionalism, thanks to which we maintain loyal relations with our customers. We are also a source of inspiration and creative thinking about printing.

We help users of our products and services achieve their business objectives through comprehensive technical support, knowledge, experience and friendly service. It is important for us to provide a sense of security at every stage of order-processing. On the other hand what is important for our customers is a satisfying order-processing.

Our Customers

We carefully observe the world around us. We also thoroughly examine the development of technology and the needs of our customers. Our offer is a response to the expectations of the market and of the recipients. It also attracts interest of large and small companies alike, retail chains, advertising agencies, publishing houses, and institutions.

Our services portfolio includes not only printing advertising materials (from business cards to large-format billboards), but also comprehensive services for advertising media (installing billboards, advertising spots and POS materials in shops). We operate all over Poland, and our strength is in our ability to cooperate with the largest retail chains. Our customers are valuing us more and more for the modern solutions and friendly service we provide with each new project.


We are all in for a conscious and sustainable development. We have obtained the following international certificates: Forest Stewardship Council® with license number FSC® C107919 and Programme certificate for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes PEFC with license number NC-PEFC/COC-000091.

The certificates demonstrate our care for environment as well as a responsible purchasing policy in the scope of raw materials. The FSC® Certificate confirms that our production process complies with the standards of Chain of Custody, effectively supporting initiatives related to the proper forest management. PEFC Certificate obliges us to apply paper obtained from forests in which special attention is paid to responsible resource management.

Certyfikat FSC

Ask about the FSC® certified products, available in our offer.

Certyfikat PEFC
Certyfikat FSC

Ask about the FSC® certified products, available in our offer.

Certyfikat PEFC


Forbes recognized us twice as a Forbes Diamond, meaning we ranked alongside those companies achieving the greatest annual increase in value.

We have also been honored repeatedly with the prestigious award of Gazele Biznesu (Business Gazelles). This is further proof that we move with a gazelle’s speed in the quality confirmed by business. Our presence on the list of the most dynamically growing printing companies in Poland is an honor and a constant motivation for further work for us.