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Business cards have many functions in marketing communication. They are useful not only during business meetings, but also when packing orders for the customers of your e-shop. When face-to-face contact is impossible, a business card is a great tool to help you build relationships with your e-customers. Show that the company is created by people. Thanks to an interestingly designed business card, you can present the person who packed the order with great dedication and who made sure that the customer received everything on time and in the correct form. In a stationary shop, you can evoke warm feelings in your customer with a single smile. In the case of online sales you do not have such an opportunity, so it is worth seeking measures that at least to some extent help to provide the customer with the experience of a visit to a traditional shop. In this way you gain an engaged customer and sell more.


We will print your business cards quickly, efficiently and in top quality.

We will help you pick an appropriate printing technology. For large print runs, we suggest top-quality offset printing to guarantee the quality and stability of the colours. For smaller quantities, opt for offset-quality digital printing, which also makes use of the whole range of colour papers and decorative papers.


Create an idea for using a business card in your online shop and a strategy on how to use it effectively. We take care of the rest!

What do we do for our customers, how do we help?

  • We provide comprehensive services through our wide range of products and the most modern printing technologies. We do everything quickly and efficiently in one place.
  • We help choose optimum solutions and we select appropriate raw materials and printing technologies.
  • We check if the files have been properly prepared for printing.
  • We submit installation overview files for acceptance.
  • We provide distribution for selected products.
  • We co-pack printed products as requested by the customer.
  • We offer various packaging possibilities.
  • We provide reporting on our services.

An interestingly designed business card is impressive and encourages contact.

When fulfilling orders via an online shop, it’s much harder to evoke emotions and build customer engagement. The lack of direct contact with buyers does not have to be a hindrance to creating a bond between you and them All you have to do is add an interestingly designed, informal business card to the package with your order, and introduce yourself to give your contacts a more human dimension. This little card is really powerful. You add your photo and name, for example, and assure customers of your involvement in the preparation of the package. Let the customer feel that they are important to you.

If you choose uncoated paper, you can also add a handwritten signature, which further emphasises the personal nature of the delivery.

Depending on the implemented strategy, you have many types of paper and options to refine the prints. Select the right raw material to match your company’s identity and perfectly complement the whole. You can choose classic, folded or MultiLoft business cards.


  • We print cut, folded or MultiLoft business cards
  • Various types and grammages of paper (offset paper, art paper and many more)
  • Printing of business cards in various formats with rectangular or rounded corners
  • Up to 4 types of business card refinement
  • Printing in various technologies
  • Perfect print quality
  • Any print run