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Broad printing possibilities, efficient and well-organised logistics, and an innovative approach to printing – those are the drivers of our success, both on the Polish and European market.

From the life of Colours Factory

– how do you make it a success?

Regular remodelling of a shop, supermarket or customer service point is an investment that pays off. After all, the purpose of interior design is to attract customers and encourage them to make purchasing decisions. Buyers are paying more and more attention to their surroundings. They are more willing to spend money in places where they feel good, which they like, and which offer many amenities and at the same time are modern and tastefully arranged. This applies to single local points of sale and to large chain stores in equal measure.

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Indoor advertisement

Eco-style corporate identity

- Dispa – an eco-friendly panel dedicated to the Sign & Display visual communication market.

Actions to minimise the use of plastics are now ubiquitous. We finally understand that the omnipresence of plastics is harmful not only to us but mainly to the environment we live in. Plastic destroys the natural environment, kills animals and may be detrimental to human health. More and more countries, local governments and enterprises are imposing restrictions on the consumption of plastic and taking actions to successfully reduce the plastic epidemic.

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Outdoor advertising

Billboards under control?

– Managing billboard campaigns does not have to be hard.

Billboards remain one of the most effective forms of advertising. They reach a wide audience, improve brand recognition and interact with the subconscious of the audience. However, the success of campaigns depends not only on a creative idea but also (or perhaps primarily) on whether the information presented in the campaign reaches the target group. The process of applying billboard posters is crucial to the success of campaigns. By leaving it to a professional and experienced company, you can gain priceless peace of mind and time for other tasks.

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