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Folding is a process where sheets of paper are folded to formats twice or three times as small. It is used to create folded leaflets, folders, maps and many other folded promotional materials. Reduced-size sheets are folded to an appropriate final format by a special folding machine, which ensures precise folds and gives the final product an aesthetic look.


We will prepare your publication quickly, efficiently and in top quality.

Let us help you pick the right folding method and choose the best machine for that.


Think of an idea for your publications and develop a strategy to use them effectively. We will take care of the rest!


  • Various folding types (in half (“V”), into an accordian, into a tri-fold, into a “Z”, into a gate (2 folds), into a map)
  • Paper folding to a maximum grammage of 350 g/m2
  • Automated single-process creasing and folding line available
  • State-of-the-art folding machines
  • Perfect paper edges (folds)
  • Short lead times
  • High quality
  • Any print run

Well folded advertising materials make your company look trustworthy.

There are various types of folding. Folding in half (“V”), into an accordian, into a tri-fold, into a “Z”, into a gate (2 folds), into a map. This way, we can obtain not only a smaller format of the printed material but also an interesting shape and an exciting form. It is one of many processes to make printed paper materials more diverse and more appealing. Moreover, folding extends their lifecycle. As a result of the process, they can be opened and closed without a risk of the becoming damaged or destroyed.

The number of folds depends on product size and paper thickness. The direction of the material fibres against the folding is just as important in the whole process. Only professional services can guarantee the highest quality of folded advertising materials and ensure that paper folds will be even, perfectly bent and give the products an aesthetic look.

What do we do for our customers, how do we help?

  • We provide comprehensive services through our wide range of products and the most modern printing technologies. We do everything quickly and efficiently in one place.
  • We advise on optimal solutions, select appropriate raw materials and printing technologies.
  • We provide distribution for selected products.
  • We co-pack printed products as requested by the customer.
  • We offer various packaging possibilities.
  • We provide reporting on our services.