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Backlit units

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Outdoor backlit units are among the most spectacular forms of outdoor advertising. If you want your advertisement to be visible and attract the attention of customers, this is the right option for you. Use it to create appealing backlit advertising boards or light boxes. This way you show that modern solutions accompany your business every step of the way.

The material a backlit unit is made of lets light through and diffuses it to perfectly highlight the colours and details of the artwork. An advertisement of this type draws the attention of passers-by and encourages them to check what you have to offer. They are very important not only during the day but also at night. Highly durable, backlit units are usually used for outdoor promotion but they are also successful as advertisements inside buildings.


We will print your outdoor backlit units quickly, efficiently and in top quality.

UV printing offers incredible quality and durability of printouts and allows you to enjoy their vivid and saturated colours for a long time. We prepare backlit units in various formats to meet your expectations.


Think of an idea of how to use your backlit units, we will take care of the rest!

What do we do for our customers, how do we help?

  • We provide comprehensive services through our wide range of products and the most modern printing technologies. We do everything quickly and efficiently in one place.
  • We help choose optimum solutions and we select appropriate raw materials and printing technologies.
  • We check if the files have been properly prepared for printing.
  • We submit installation overview files for acceptance.
  • We provide distribution for selected products.
  • We co-pack printed products as requested by the customer.
  • We offer various packaging possibilities.
  • We provide reporting on our services.

Backlit units really catch the eye.

Backlit advertising catches the eye even in dark halls and poorly lit places. Content printed on backlit units has tremendous potential and it is only up to you to capitalise on it. For example, you can create spectacular advertising boards, light boxes or trade fair booths or use backlit cabinets.

If you want a medium that does not limit your creativity as you design your advertisements, choose backlit units. They are perfect for advertisements where artwork is essential. With a stream of light added from the back, the printed material gains bright and vivid shades and the advertisement becomes even more appealing to the recipient.


  • We print backlit advertisements in a wide range of formats – up to 160 cm wide
  • Printing with double colour saturation
  • Material thickness up to 210 microns
  • UV printing of materials for backlit units
  • Perfect print quality
  • High durability of the raw material
  • Excellent resistance of the printed materials to weather conditions
  • Any print run