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- Dispa – an eco-friendly panel dedicated to the Sign & Display visual communication market.

Actions to minimise the use of plastics are now ubiquitous. We finally understand that the omnipresence of plastics is harmful not only to us but mainly to the environment we live in. Plastic destroys the natural environment, kills animals and may be detrimental to human health. More and more countries, local governments and enterprises are imposing restrictions on the consumption of plastic and taking actions to successfully reduce the plastic epidemic.


Being eco-friendly is no longer just a trend; it is a necessity which all sectors must face, including the people responsible for the visual communication of their brands, advertising infrastructure coordinators and designers of product displays in points of sale. It is not enough for commercial or service spaces to be modern, appealing and please the eyes of customers – they must have a number of additional functions. Visual communication elements obviously enhance the visual appeal of a PoS but they also have to be relatively user-friendly, and easy to assemble and disassemble, source and dispose of.

How can you combine the expected functionality with design and the eco-friendly aspect?

Use DISPA® – a panel consisting of 100% FSC®-certified and completely recyclable paper. Despite being made fully of paper, the panel is also rigid and stable, which makes it perfect for any indoor promotional or advertising campaigns.


For marketing

Short-term promotional campaigns have become a regular element of our commercial space. Commercial chains and shopping centres are trying to outrun each other while designing their campaigns to attract customers and maximise profit. This results in many temporary single-use thematic architecture components in such facilities. Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, Christmas and many other promotional campaigns dedicated to one or another product, brand or clearance sale – all this requires dedicated interior design elements which cannot be reused in any other campaign. There is no room for boredom, repetitiveness and lack of creativity here. The highly competitive industry has exorbitant demands.

Every campaign results in piles of plastic panels, stands and other elements that were used to attract the attention of customers. A question remains: what happens next to such panels? How can we discard them?

DISPA® is a material that offers all that can be expected of a panel while also being fully biodegradable; as such, it serves all the basic commercial and promotional functions and does not give rise to any concerns regarding its disposal after a campaign ends.

What is also important from a marketing perspective is that the processing of the material is quick and easy. The print is applied directly onto the panel so there is no need for any extra processes, such as lamination. It can also be given any shape, which allows those who are responsible for that sector to get creative while planning the elements of visual communication for their facilities. It is perfect for any ceiling advertising, displays and POS/POP materials. It can also be used to make advertising stands. Dipisa is super light, durable and does not require much handling. It does not deform under the influence of the changeable conditions in shops or service establishments, while the whiteness and smoothness of the panel result in impressive quality of print and accurate colours. DISPA® is also becoming an increasingly irreplaceable element during trade fairs where the exhibitors present different content every time.

It has recently become one of the most effective mediums of indoor advertising as it combines quality and easy handling with competitive prices. Customers also notice that the lead times are shorter for projects involving DISPA®. Their campaigns are often confidential right until their launch. The choice of this paper panel helps reduce the manufacturing processes and thus substantially shortens the time required to prepare the elements. This is a very important aspect for chains or shopping centres.

After the end of a promotional campaign or a trade fair, all elements can be easily dismantled and completely recycled.


For the environment

DISPA® is created of 100% FSC®-certified paper which means that it is sourced exclusively from forests covered by responsible sustainable management. It is very important in the era of depletion of natural resources to use ways to respect the social, economic and ecological needs. An FSC® certificate is one of the proofs of concern for the environment and a responsible sourcing policy. It also confirms that the whole production process meets Chain of Custody standards.

However, the eco-friendly sourcing and manufacture of DISPA® is not enough. Since the panel consists exclusively of cellulose fibres, it is fully biodegradable, which eliminates the problem related to disposal, present in the case of plastic panels. This is becoming increasingly important nowadays and is a growing challenge for the people in charge of advertising infrastructure. DISPA® is a panel that is clearly environmentally-friendly. It is not only sourced responsibly but it is also fully recyclable. After the end of the campaign, all the elements made of DISPA® can be simply discarded with waste paper.


For the pocket

The people in charge of planning promotional campaigns often face the dilemma of choosing appropriate ad media units to successfully communicate the campaign and see it through from the beginning to the end. The solutions must meet numerous expectations of not only functional but also economic nature. Many of them are constrained by predefined (and often limited) budgets. This is why it is significant that the cost of DISPA® panels when used for temporary elements of the advertising infrastructure remains competitive when compared to other panels of similar application (e.g. those made of plastic) and, importantly, that DISPA® does not create any extra costs of disposal after use. So it not only relieves you from the extra obligation to find a solution for waste panels but also allows you to avoid the related cost.

All this considered, think of all the pluses and minuses of various panels at the stage of designing your advertising architecture components dedicated to temporary marketing campaigns and choose the one that not only fulfils its basic function but also lifts certain constraints and improves other related processes.


Colours Factory has been printing content on DISPA® panels for several years. To this end, it uses UV printing and milling as required by the designs of the customers. The interest in this material keeps growing month after month. All this because businesses are looking for multidimensional solutions, such as DISPA®. Functional, modern, eco-friendly, offering a wide range of applications and substantial flexibility.


Do you need extra information? Write to: offer@coloursfactory.pl.


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