Print for e-commerce


  • Plotter foil stickers (only cutting)
  • Monomeric foil stickers (print + cutting)
  • Easy dot foil stickers (print + cutting)
  • Floor foil stickers (print + cutting)
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Stickers are a great way to make the way you communicate with your customers more attractive. They warm your relationship and make your promotional activities more interesting and appealing to a larger audience. It could be a nice gadget or a practical tool for building loyalty, or even a great medium for conveying important information that your customer needs to know.

It is also both a simple and very effective form of building recognition for the company. Stickers can nowadays be found on vehicles, notice boards, and useful equipment (e.g. laptops). Thanks to its originality, you will be remembered not only by your customers but also by the people around them.


We will print your stickers quickly, efficiently and in top quality.

We will help you pick an appropriate printing technology. The options include highly modern UV printing with lasting effects and the popular durable solvent printing. Both methods are characterised by high printing quality and long display time. After printing, the film is coated with an abrasion-resistant floor laminate.


Think of an idea for stickers and develop a strategy to use it effectively, we will take care of the rest!

What do we do for our customers, how do we help?

  • We provide comprehensive services through our wide range of products and the most modern printing technologies. We do everything quickly and efficiently in one place.
  • We help choose optimum solutions and we select appropriate raw materials and printing technologies.
  • We check if the files have been properly prepared for printing.
  • We submit installation overview files for acceptance.
  • We provide distribution for selected products.
  • We co-pack printed products as requested by the customer.
  • We offer various packaging possibilities.
  • We provide reporting on our services.

Advertising stickers effectively support sales.

Surprise your e-shop customers with a unique sticker attached to the package with the order. Not only will you enhance your image, but you will also evoke the positive emotions that are sure to make you memorable and the customer eager to return to the experience.

Traditional but cleverly designed stickers or creative window or floor stickers encourage interaction and engagement that significantly increases the reach of your company.

Advertising stickers can have several functions. You can use them, for example, to promote a new product, strengthen the company’s image or build an engaged community around your brand.

Original ideas, interesting forms, humour and unconventionality are in demand. Such a combination is sure to produce memorable stickers that bring you real profits.


  • We print stickers from monomeric foil, plotter foil, easy dot foil and floor foil
  • Films available in matt and glossy versions and some also in a fluorescent version
  • Various film transparency levels
  • Sticker printing in various formats – foil widths up to 1,600mm
  • Possible enhancement with laminate
  • Various available printing technologies (UV printing, solvent printing)
  • Perfect print quality
  • Possible film trimming to any shape
  • Any print run